Thank you for attending our Understanding the SBA Disaster Loan Program webinar last Wednesday, March 18. As promised, the webinar recording is now available and you can find it below.

As we previously mentioned, CAMEO staff is unable to answer whether or not your particular business is eligible for a loan, but our colleagues are able.

We have put together a list of resources and contact data for partners (and other helpful information) that can help you navigate the process.

We also want to add a word of caution. We know that businesses want money and they want it now. Please be careful about finding easy money online. Many products are predatory and can put businesses in a more precarious position than they are right now. For a list of good lenders (online and community-based), refer to the Borrower’s Bill of Rights. Note that this list is not exhaustive.

We wish you health and safety in these trying times,

Heidi Pickman

Vice President, Programs & Policy