Updated Order Directing Alameda County to Shelter at Home

As of Wednesday, April 29, 2020, the Shelter in Place Order to reduce the spread of COVID-19 has been extended.

The collective efforts taken to date regarding this public health emergency have slowed the virus’ trajectory, but the risk to public health remain significant. The scientific evidence shows that at this stage of the emergency, it remains essential to continue to slow virus transmission.
The Health Officer Order requires that most people stay home unless they are engaged in certain “Essential Activities” which are discussed in the full Health Officer’s Order.

All persons to shelter at their place of residence, other than to provide or receive essential services or engage in certain low-risk activities, which include:

  • Performing tasks or activities essential to personal or family health and safety;
  • Obtaining necessary services and supplies, including perishable goods food and medical supplies (a more detailed list in the Order);
  • Performing work providing essential products and services.
  • Engaging in outdoor activity, including to take care of pets, go on a walk, or exercise–so long as you do not congregate in a group and maintain at least six feet of distance between you and other people;

For most people, this means you and those you live with should remain at home. If you are sick, you should self-isolate, including, to the extent you can, from others you live with (more on that in the Order).

Cessation of all non-essential travel.

The Order allows a limited number of additional Essential Businesses and certain lower risk Outdoor Businesses (defined in Section 16) to resume operating.

  • All construction projects that follow the Construction Project Safety Protocols included with the order in Appendix B;
  • Childcare, camps and educational/ rec programs that provide care for children of people who are allowed to work outside of their homes;
  • Outdoor businesses such as nurseries, landscaping, and agriculture that normally operated outdoors prior to the shelter in place orders; and
  • Use of certain outdoor recreational facilities, such as skate parks and athletic fields. Golf courses are permitted under local orders, but prohibited under state orders.
  • As a condition of operating under this Order, the operators of all businesses must prepare or update, post, implement, and distribute to their personnel a Social Distancing Protocol for each of their facilities in the County frequented by personnel or members of the public, as specified in Section 16.h.