Livermore Downtown Inc. is a 501(C)3 Non-Profit dedicated to the health and vitality of downtown Livermore and its locally owned, small business, entrepreneurs. COVID-19 has devastated our downtown district…for now. BUT, we have seen amazing creativity, resilience and adaptability among our businesses and property owners to fight for survival and come through this, ready to thrive on the other side.

As our organization has had to cancel/postpone major events and fundraisers through this Pandemic, we are in need of a fundraiser to keep our team working and assisting our businesses and our community through this difficult time. In addition, as relief programs are rolled out at the Federal, State, County, local and corporate level, we expect to see some gaps in filling in need to some of our most vulnerable workforce. We will be sharing this fundraiser for a collection of funds, ear marked for that future identified workforce need, once we are through this shelter in place and that gap becomes clear.

We have partnered with a Livermore local company, Goza Gear to produce a t-shirt with our new mantra: Livermore, Six Feet Apart but Connected At the Heart. We love this statement because we have truly watched that truth revealed as we have witnessed hard work, compassion, commitment and real love for each other acted out by residents, business owners, City Staff, Elected officials as we navigate this crisis.

We have set up this fundraiser to do just that … raise funds. We have removed financial risk by identifying existing inventory that Goza Gear has on-site. No need to risk funds on new inventory. The shirt will be unisex, Black, printed after payment and order secured so no risk of t shirts prepared with no purchase. No leftovers! We realize the limited style options and color options may not meet the expectations of some but this, again, is an opportunity to share in the continued health and vitality of our downtown district, show your pride in this community you love and assist the workforce that is made up of your neighbors and friends. We thank you in advance for your support and look forward to our isolation being lifted and gathering together as a community for the first time and wearing these shirts!

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