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The unprecedented conditions during this COVID-19 Public Health Emergency are very challenging for everyone in our community. All aspects of our lives are being severely disrupted.  Of paramount importance is the need to keep ourselves, families and the greater community healthy and safe.

Many critical issues are being addressed simultaneously. This letter focuses on what is being done to help the business community cope with the impacts of the health emergency. The City of Livermore is working with local business organizations including the Livermore Valley Chamber of Commerce and Livermore Downtown Inc. to address the needs as best we can. We are taking significant actions in the near-term, such as the moratorium on evictions to protect businesses and residents, and developing mid-term and long-term remedies to sustain our businesses.

As our community begins to adjust to this new temporary reality, federal, state, county and city governments along with the business community are evaluating impacts to the economy and responding as quickly as possible. We are sharing information, giving advice, and providing support. Some initial relief measures have already been enacted and more resources will undoubtedly become available in the future.

Especially affected during the early days of this emergency, are small, mid-size and self-employed businesses. Some businesses have creatively and nimbly reimagined their operations. Some are still regrouping and examining options to continue operations. Still others have had to shut down operations entirely. Our message to all of these businesses – we see you, we hear you and we have your back!

We expect that each business within the overall supply chain will experience some sacrifice and will absorb some degree of loss. The impacts need to be minimized and shared as equitably as possible. We commit to doing our part to help our businesses, especially the most vulnerable, successfully weather this emergency.

Some key businesses, such as utilities, financial institutions and property owners, have already stepped up to help. Measures announced publicly or directly to their customers, include: deferred payments; suspended collections actions; moratorium on foreclosures or evictions; free services; and other creative options. 

To these businesses that have already acted to protect customers, THANK YOU! To those businesses that have not yet taken proactive actions, we urge you to take steps now to do so.  Today, under these conditions, it is essential that we all work together to ensure our businesses and vibrant community survive.

Together we will get through this emergency and, we believe, we will be ever stronger for doing so.

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