FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Neetu Balram, Public Information Manager September 25, 2020 Alameda County Public Health Department

Alameda County to Allow Nail Salons to Open Indoors

ALAMEDA COUNTY, CA – On Tuesday, September 22, the State announced an update to its color-coded four-tier Blueprint for a Safer Economy to allow nail salons to operate indoors even in the most restrictive Purple Tier. Although the State moved Alameda County into the Red Tier on September 22, the tier below Purple, COVID-19 still poses substantial risk in our County. Research studies continue to show that outdoor activities pose less risk of COVID-19 transmission than indoor activities, and the County encourages all businesses permitted to open indoor operations to continue to provide services outdoors whenever feasible.

Local Health Officers may proceed more cautiously than the State allows. After reviewing the State guidance, Alameda County public health officials have determined that nail salons operating indoors with appropriate safety measures would add minimal additional risk to customers and staff. Alameda County nail salons that follow local and State guidance are now permitted to operate indoors.

Alameda County continues to carefully examine the potential impact of activities that may be permitted to reopen or expand in the Red Tier and will release a phased plan that takes a measured approach to reopening to avoid dramatic increases in disease transmission. To help the County of Alameda move to a less restrictive tier, please wear a mask in public, wash your hands regularly, keep at least six feet of physical distance when in public, and limit mixing with people outside your household.

At this time, there are no additional changes to permitted or prohibited activities in Alameda County.

For the list of activities that are currently open and not open in Alameda County, visit: https://covid-

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